About Us














Our Vision:

First Nations and Inuit people realizing their full potential and actualizing the unity and cohesiveness of First Nations and Inuit people in North Eastern British Columbia.

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities to improve the quality of life of First Nations and Inuit people in North Eastern British Columbia by holistically advancing their health, wellness, education, and economic self-sufficiency.

Our Mandate:

To work collaboratively in providing holistic human resource development for First Nations and Inuit people of Northeast British Columbia.

Board Of Directors:

The NENAS Board of Directors consists of nine members appointed from each of the First Nations Communities in our northeast British Columbia service delivery area, with one member to represent the general urban representative.

Our Board Members:

Blueberry River First Nations – Councilor Sherry Dominic

Daylu Dena Council – Helen Loots

Doig River First Nations –  Councilor Gerry Attachie – Alternate: Councilor Kelvin Davis JR

Fort Nelson First Nation – Councilor Patricia Capot-Blanc – Alternate: Councilor Harrison Dickie

Halfway River First NationsChief Darlene Hunter Board Secretary Treasurer

Prophet River First Nation – Diane Bigfoot

Saulteau First Nation – Audrey Norris

West Moberly Fist NationsDean Dokkie Board Chair

Urban Representative – Ben Cardinal Board Vice Chair

Elder’s Council:

Marianne Adekat – Blueberry River First Nations

Virginia Apsassin – Blueberry River First Nations

Annie Oker – Doig River First Nations

Billy Attachie – Doig River First Nations

Eddie Apsassin – Doig River First Nations

Leo Acko – Doig River First Nations

Madeline Davis – Doig River First Nations

Margaret Attachie – Doig River First Nations

Tommy Attachie – Doig River First Nations

Adeline Dickie – Fort Nelson First Nation

Maisie Metecheah – Halfway River First Nation

Liza Wolf – Prophet River First Nation

Mary McKanachaa – Prophet River First Nation

Maurice Wolf – Prophet River First Nation

Howard Gauthier – Saulteau First Nation


NENAS has a number of staff who play an important role in delivering holistic human resource programming for the benefit of Aboriginal people in Northeast BC. Our staff consists of:

NENAS Main Administrative Office:

Deanne McLeod Manager, Cheryl Testawitch Quality Assurance Manager, Shannon Lulua Executive Assistant, Vacant Receptionist, Lorraine Lulua Office Assistant, Shelley Gauthier Finance Officer, Holly Lizotte Finance Assistant, Shannon Morrow Community Program Officer, Margrit Carter Community Program Officer, Rebeka Asfaw Employment Assistance Services, Margaret Manley Employment Assistance Services Officer, Pam McLeod ARMS Contact/Facilitator & Special Projects, Carol Paynter Program Coordinator & Special Projects

NENAS Fort Nelson Office:

Sarah Bertrand Employment Assistant Services Officer, Robin Capot-Blanc

Aboriginal Centre of Leadership and Innovation: (ILC)

Aboriginal Youth Centre:

Julie Foster Family Program Facilitator, Kristin Tetreault Youth Support Worker

Sas Natsadle Aboriginal Head Start:

Darlene Conley Aboriginal Head Start/Aboriginal Infant Development Program Coordinator,   John Cardinal Bus Driver/Maintenance, Cheyanne Attachie Aboriginal Head Start Assistant.