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bc211 is working in partnership with United Way of Northern BC to create a free online directory of community, social, and government services.


Is your agency already listed? check out Some agencies in northern BC may already be listed but need to be updated with more current information, or may only have information about a few specialized programs and be missing the full range of services.


To add or update your information, please complete the attached form and email I’ll work with you to add all programs that fit our criteria and to make sure we have all the important details.


Help us to build a searchable directory of free and low-cost services in all of BC, including:

  • Basic human needs such as housing, food banks, shelters, clothing depots
  • Services for children, youth, and families
  • Mental health and addiction services
  • Assistance for people with disabilities, seniors, and newcomers to Canada
  • Employment support


Questions? Please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for helping us expand our website to include comprehensive information about community resources in northern BC!




Kaitlin Warren

Resources and Publications Specialist

T: 604-708-4059, 1-855-211-4244 Local 4059 | |

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Please share with communities and other organizations that you think may be interested.

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Julie Foster

Family & Youth Program Facilitator

North East Native Advancing Society

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