Community Projects










Aboriginal Skills Development – To assist aboriginal persons in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining employment. To purchase occupational skills training courses that will develop basic and/or advanced skills.

Job Creation Partnerships – To assist individuals to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. To provide aboriginal persons with work experience on projects developed in partnership with the community.

Targeted Wage Subsidy – To assist individuals to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. To enable employers to hire individuals who face multiple barriers to employment by offering temporary wage subsidies; and

Employment Assistant Services: To assist individuals experiencing difficulty in finding work to benefit from on-the-job work experience. Employers must contribute to the employer costs…

Project Based – Project based training is intended for individuals who require assistance in more than one employ-ability dimension to be employed such as Job Search Skills, Career Exploration Activities, Employment Maintenance.

Labour Market Partnerships – To work with partners to help communities, employers, and workers and to implement labour force adjustments.

Opportunities for Persons Disabilities – encouraging employers to hire workers with disabilities, increasing employ-ability, providing work experience.

Aboriginal Youth Initiatives – designed to help young people between ages of 15-30 by providing the skills, work experience, and knowledge they need and access to relevant labour market information.

First Nations Child Care Initiatives – To support First Nations to develop and implement child care programs.