New Relationship Trust Announces Governance Capacity - Direct Support Funding 

Vancouver - The New Relationship Trust (NRT) has allocated $1.5 million for Direct Support funding in 2016-17.

The Direct Support initiative provides grants to First Nations in British Columbia (BC) to build capacity where they need it most. Funds support diverse initiatives such as land use planning, mapping, governance terms of reference, economic development strategies, financial policies, impact/benefit analyses and community engagement initiatives.

 To date, 88% of the 203 First Nations in BC have accessed Direct Support funding since it was initiated in 2008.  NRT reaches out to the communities that have not applied for Direct Support funding in the past to assist them in identifying a project that could benefit their community and to help them prepare their application.  Please note the following announcement date:


Open Date

Close Date

Direct Support

April 13, 2016

May 19, 2016

A not-for-profit corporation, NRT was created by a $100 million fund provided by the BC government in 2005.  NRT is mandated to support BC First Nation communities in their efforts to build capacity in order to become healthy, prosperous and self-sufficient.  Strong governance and thriving economies are essential in order for First Nations to truly achieve autonomy and build positive, healthy futures for their people.

"The Direct Support funding initiative is a great example of the work New Relationship Trust was created to carry out," said John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.  "First Nations can use the funds to complete capacity building projects that will address their specific needs and priorities.  The BC Government is proud of our role in the development and growth of NRT, and we look forward to hearing about the successful Direct Support projects throughout the year."

 "Direct Support funding helps BC First Nations to build capacity where they feel they need it most.  For those communities that have yet to access this funding, we reach out to them and help guide them through the application process.  We see the benefits these funds have helped communities to achieve, and we want every First Nation in BC to have the opportunity to use the funds to launch projects that will help them become stronger," explains NRT CEO Cliff Fregin.  

Direct Support Applications and Guidelines will be available at:

For more information, please contact:

Matt Cook-Contois, Senior Project Officer

Tel: 604-925-3338 OR 1-877-922-3338