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First Nations Communities:

  • Doig River First Nations
  • Halfway River First Nations
  • Prophet River First Nations
  • Saulteau First Nations
  • West Moberly First Nations
  • Blueberry River First Nations
  • Fort Nelson Fort Nations
  • Daylu Dena Council

Urban Communities:

  • Fort St. John
  • Dawson Creek
  • Hudson Hope
  • Tumbler Ridge
  • Chetwynd
  • Fort Nelson
  • Charlie Lake
  • Taylor

NENAS was incorporated under the Society Act in 1990 as a coordinating group under the North East Aboriginal Management Board working in collaboration with Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Prior to the incorporation NENAS was a joint committee between the surrounding First Nations communities education coordinator departments.

As the program evolved, the Society adapted in 1996 to become a Regional Bilateral Agreement holder, and again in 1999 to emerge as an Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement (AHRDA) holder. Employment and training was taken over by Aboriginal organizations across Canada. This devolution is the culmination of a fifteen year trend which has seen the gradual transfer of programming authority from the Federal Government to Aboriginal people at the national, regional and community levels. The two main objectives of the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Society (AHRDS) are to: enable Aboriginal groups to deliver a wider range of human resource program and to enable Aboriginal organizations to assist clients to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. NENAS became the North Eastern BC AHRDS agreement holder.

2005 – 2006 NENAS administration began to utilize the teachings of the Medicine Wheel to deliver culturally appropriate programming. The Medicine Wheel of Life is inclusive of all individuals within the family circle. To reflect the teachings of the Medicine Wheel of Life NENAS staff have worked towards including all family groups into NENAS programming: Infants, Youth, Adults and Elders. By utilizing holistic programming clients are served in a culturally relevant manner.

Additionally, the Holistic Medicine Wheel includes the four quadrants that make up an individual – Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. It is believed by Aboriginal people that for a person to be healthy and happy, the four quadrants need to be in balance. Our program is designed to address the person as a whole.

June 2009, the Government of Canada announced a new Federal framework for Aboriginal Economic Development, a government-wide platform for the improvement of Aboriginal participation in the economy which resulted in The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) launching in 2010. ASETS supports one of the key pillars of the framework being a skilled Aboriginal workforce by improving labour market outcomes for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people.

ASETS is a partnership and results based, integrated approach to Aboriginal labour market programming that links training to labour market demand and ensures that the growing Aboriginal population is able to fully participate in economic opportunities. The objective of the ASETS is to increase Aboriginal participation in the Canadian labour market, ensuring that First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people are engaged in sustainable, meaningful employment. Using an integrated approach, ASETS will link your training needs to labour market demands, providing you with training or skills upgrading and with help finding a job. All Aboriginal people, regardless of status or location, may access its programs and services, which include skills development, training for high-demand jobs, job finding, programs for youth, programs for urban and Aboriginal people with disabilities, and access to child care. There are 57 ASETS holders within Canada; 14 ASET holders (including MNBC) are located within the Province of BC. The BC ASETS holders are the only province in Canada to form a united coalition group (BCATEAM) which greatly assists our ability to ensure our clients and communities have every employment and training opportunity possible.

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