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Programs Offered by NENAS

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  • Individual Assistance Program (Non-Trades) – provides funding assistance to individuals to complete short-term skills based training (e.g. in camp training such as housekeeping, kitchen helper).
  • Confirmed Job Supplement Program – provides individuals (with a confirmed job), financial assistance to purchase essential work related items (e.g. tools, coveralls, work boots), and access short-term training (e.g. OFA1, WHMIS, Food Safe, etc.).
  • Aboriginal Youth Initiatives – help youth to make the transition into the labour market by providing skills and work experience.
  • Employment Assistance Program – provides individuals with services to assist them with finding and keeping work. Services include access to computers/printers in our office for job search, an extensive job board, resume and cover letter writing; career exploration through career counselling and labour market information.
  • Job Creation Partnership Program – provides work experience on projects developed in partnership with the community, and summer employment programs.
  • Aboriginal Skills Development Program – allows for the purchase of occupational skills training courses that will develop basic and/or advanced skills to obtain or maintain employment.
  • Targeted Wage Subsidies Program – assists individuals who are experiencing difficulty in finding beneficial on the job work experience.
  • Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Program – assists persons with disabilities in preparing for, obtaining and keeping employment, or becoming self-employed.
  • Trades and Apprenticeship Program – assist individuals who are interested in pursuing long term employment in trades and in obtaining apprenticeship placement.

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