Sas Natsadle ​

Aboriginal Head Start

Sas Natsadle Aboriginal Head Start is an early intervention program that provides for the needs of the whole child and their family through support services. The program focuses on the involvement of parents, who are the child’s first and most influential teachers.

Early intervention pre-school programs benefit parents and children. Many parents report improved relationships with their children, greater life satisfaction and psychological well being resulting from the supportive social networks that this community based pre-school program offers.

Teachers and students in our Sas Natsadle program wear their new orange shirts!

Components of Sas Natsadle (Little Bear) Aboriginal Head Start Program​

Culture and Language​

To provide children with a positive sense of themselves as Aboriginal children and to build on their knowledge of Aboriginal languages and experience of culture in their community.


To support and encourage each Aboriginal child to enjoy life-long learning, by providing enjoyable opportunities to learn and focus on early childhood development to include physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. The ultimate goal is to engage children in the possibility of learning so that they carry forth the enthusiasm, self-esteem and initiative to learn in the future.

Health Promotion​

To empower parents / guardians / caregivers and those involved with AHS to encourage practices for self-care, working together to address health concerns, and the creation of formal and informal social support networks. The ultimate goal is to take actions that contribute to holistic health.


To ensure children are provided with food to help meet their nutritional needs required to grow, develop and be active. The ultimate goal is to empower children and parents / guardians / caregivers to develop or enhance nutritional eating habits that will be maintained following the child’s AHS experience.

Social Support

To ensure families are made aware of resources and community services available to impact their quality of life. The ultimate goal is to empower parents/guardians/caregivers to access assistance and services which will support them to be active in their children’s lives and AHS.

Parent and Family Involvement

To support parents / guardians / caregivers as their children’s primary teachers. The ultimate goal is for parents/guardians/caregivers to complete the program being more confident and assertive, and having a deeper understanding of their children than when they began the program.

We offer Aboriginal children ages 3 to 5 and their families the following services free of charge:


  • Foster the spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of the child
  • Inspire children to become life long leaders
  • Support parents and guardians as the main teachers and care givers of their children
  • Ensure parents play a key role in planning, development, operation and evaluation of the program
  • Recognize the need for and support extended families in teaching and caring for children
  • Ensure that Aboriginal culture is integrated into all components of the program


  • Aboriginal Head Start Coordinator (Acting)
    Deborah Godler
    Ext: 2209 |
  • Early Childhood Educator and Elder
    Shirley Salmond 
    Ext: 2209 |
  • ECEA
    Khushi Kaur
  • Cook
    Jamie Bowden
  • Bus Driver/Maintenance
    John Cardinal