Job Creation Partnership Program  –  provides work experience on projects developed in partnership  with the community.

Aboriginal Skills Development Program – allows for the purchase of occupational  skills training courses that will develop basic and/or advanced skills to obtain or maintain employment.

Targeted Wage Subsidies Program    assists individuals who are experiencing difficulty in finding beneficial on the job work experience.

Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Program – assists persons with disabilities in preparing for, obtaining and keeping employment, or becoming self-employed.

Trades and Apprenticeship Program – assist individuals who are interested in pursuing long term employment in trades and in obtaining apprenticeship placement.

Individual Assistance Program (Non-Trades) – provides funding assistance to unemployed and underemployed individuals to complete short-term skills based training (e.g. in-camp training such as housekeeping, kitchen helper).

Confirmed Job Supplement Program – provides unemployed and underemployed individuals (with a confirmed job), financial assistance to purchase essential work related items (e.g. tools, coveralls, work boots), and access short-term training (e.g. OFA1, WHMIS).

Aboriginal Youth Initiatives – help youth to make the transition into the labour market by providing skills and work experience.

Employment Assistance Program – provides unemployed and underemployed individuals with services to assist them with finding and keeping work.  Services include access to computers and printers in our office for job search and resume and cover letter writing; career exploration through career counselling and labour market information.


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