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NENAS was incorporated under the Society Act in 1990. Our Board is comprised of a Director from each of our First Nation's communities in our service area and one Urban Representative Director.

Prior to the incorporation, NENAS was a joint committee between the surrounding First Nations communities’ education coordinator departments.

As the program evolved, the Society adapted in 1996 to become a Regional Bilateral Agreement holder, and again in 1999 to emerge as an Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement (AHRDA) holder. Employment and training were taken over by Aboriginal organizations across Canada. This devolution is the culmination of a fifteen-year trend that has seen the gradual transfer of programming authority from the Federal Government to Aboriginal people at the national, regional, and community levels. The two main objectives of the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Society (AHRDS) are to: enable Aboriginal groups to deliver a wider range of human resource programs and to enable Aboriginal organizations to assist clients to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. NENAS became the North Eastern BC AHRDS agreement holder.

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