To improve the quality of life of First Nations and Inuit people of Northeast British Columbia by nurturing their health, wellness, education and economic self-sufficiency

NENAS staff each play an important role in delivering Holistic Human Resource programming for the benefit of Aboriginal people in Northeast BC.

Main Office: 250-785-0887


Deanne McLeod

Executive Director
Ext: 102 |

Margrit Carter

Quality Assurance / FNICCI / Program Support
Ext: 104 |

Deborah M. Godler

Executive Assistant / HR Manager
Ext: 108 |

Cherise Spence

Finance Manager
Ext: 105 |

Norma Boychuk

Accounts Payable
Ext. 107 |

Cina-Wales Green 

Employment Assistance Services
250-261-7917 |

Kelly Kiyawasew

Employment Assistance Services
Ext. 111 |

Shannon Morrow

Lead Community Projects
Ext: 103 |

Valerie Apsassin

Elders Program Coordinator

Eugene Hasiuk

Employment Assistance Services / AHS Bus Driver
Ext. 109 |

Amanda Veary

Front End Client Services
Ext: 100 |

Corrie Neill

Employment Assistance Services
Dawson Creek

250-794-9718 |


Sas Natsadle Aboriginal Head Start

Deborah Godler

AHS Manager
Ext: 108 |

Shirley Salmond

Early Childhood Educator and Elder

Pamela Wellard

AHS Program Coordinator /Early Childhood Educator
Ext. 115 |

Khushi Kaur

Early Childhood Educator

Maria Peterson

Early Childhood Educator Assistant


Jamie Bowden