Interest List – Dental Administrative Assistant

Dental Administrative Assistant

Keeping dental offices moving smoothly

The dental administrative assistant’s role is pivotal to the effective daily
operation of a dental practice. The dental administrative assistant, or DAA, has a significant role to bring connection to their team of dental professionals and to their patients.

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What is a
Dental Administrative Assistant?

Dental administrative assistant responsibilities revolve around providing administrative support and managing the efficient operation of the office. DAAs are the intermediary
between patients, dentists, and dental assistants. They help keep the office moving smoothly and ensure the time
management of the office as a whole.
Dental administrative assistant’s work with patient records and manage them in electronic health management
systems. DAAs also work to get new patients in the office and manage employees at the dental office. There is a wide variety of task an dental administrative assistant performs
on a day-to-date basis.

If you are looking for a career where you can use human resource skills, marketing, time management, and run an office, becoming a dental administrative assistant might be
the perfect career for you.