NENAS Sponsorship Application

NENAS Sponsorship

Application Guidelines

NENAS’ promise is to improve the quality of life of First Nations and Inuit people of North East British Columbia by nurturing their health, wellness, education, and economic self-sufficiency. 

To qualify for a NENAS Sponsorship Grant, the event or project must be:
a. Regional in scope
b. Open to First Nations or Inuit participants and/or communities from the region
c. Have a significant regional impact with long lasting benefits to arts, culture, heritage, health, wellness, education, and economic self-sufficiency within the region

Guidelines for Application Eligibility: To qualify for a NENAS Sponsorship Grant the applicant must have at least one of the following four criteria:
a. Is a member of a First Nation or Inuit in the Peace Liard Region

b. Has a financial statement for the previous year

c. Has a sound financial history

d. Has a membership base and/or an Executive of at least three individuals

Grant Amount Available: NENAS Sponsorship Grants are up to $2000 each with the total amount depending on the availability of funds.

Assessment Criteria NENAS will base its decision on the assessment criteria listed below:
1) A clear objective
2) Evidence of the applicant’s ability to carry out the project, as demonstrated by their resources, expertise, and past performance
3) A detailed list of activities planned
4) A clear intended outcome, indicating the contribution the project will make to the community
5) A detailed budget defining expenditures and other funding sources

I agree to adhere to the NENAS guidelines and requirements of the NENAS Community Sponsorship Program.
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If this is NOT an annual event/project, please complete the following questions:

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