WL Construction Builds, CAPS/WL Delivers AHS Teepee!

With thanks to WL Construction for the build and to CAPS/WL Construction for the delivery and installation of our AHS teepee, NENAS was delighted to receive the newly constructed teepee at our location in Fort St. John.

 The teepee in the play area of Nas Satsadle, our Aboriginal Head Start (AHS) program, is crucial for children. It’s not just a recreational structure; it’s a cultural symbol that fosters a connection to heritage and traditions.

The teepee serves as a tangible reminder of Indigenous identity and values, offering a unique learning environment where children can engage with their culture through play. Its presence in AHS programs underscores the importance of cultural preservation and identity formation from an early age.

Its presence underscores NENAS’s commitment to promoting holistic development and cultural identity among Indigenous children in our care.